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Chester Races Style Guide

Prestigious Chester Races 2017

With horse racing the countries second biggest spectator sport, The Chester Races 10th annual race meeting takes place in  with 110,000 people attending one of its largest annual meeting out of the 14 Chester race fixtures.

A Short History

It is the oldest racecourse in England dating back from the sixteenth century and although is one of the 6 favourite tracks in the country, is also the smallest one.
As one of the countries most prestigious flat race courses, ladies can enjoy the spectating in many ways. With the County Stand, Tattersall, Dee Stand and the Open course to view, hospitality is also a popular choice with great views of the course and a perfect dining style which are all available for purchase at ticket price:

Dressing in Style with LADY Designer Wear Style Tips

Each fixture has its own unique identity to ensure a wide-ranging appeal. While we think about strawberries and cream with a glass of Pimms and bright white outfits for tennis, with horse racing, we think about outlandish hats and champagne.

At Lady Designer Wear, we have put together a few essential style tips about practicality, style in fashion and how to ensure you get the most out of your day.  Whether its your first time attending a race meeting at Chester, each meeting can be very different and getting it right can make sure you enjoy every minute of your day without any problem.

Horse Racing Style Gone By

Even when its grey, we still see women deliver colour and style without fail. There is something historically embedded in fashion that fares very well in horse race meetings. Lavish gowns, delicate and stereotypically feminine accessories can add colour to plain dress or help bring out particular flattering colours.

The more you know about it, the more fun you’ll have!

With over 25 years of designer fashion to her name, Janet now owns boutique Lady Designer Wear and has been helping women style their outfits with key pieces all over the world for those attending popular annual race meetings. Here is the LADY Designer Style Guide for your next race meeting outfit:

Dressing up is all part of the racing experience

Depending where you are hosting your racing experience, a strict dress code can apply. Customers sporting in the County Stand, Long Room, Concourse or hospitality suite are required to observe a strict dress code. This included, applies to the restaurant facility throughout any race meeting.

So what in this season? Lady Designer always have fashionable stylish formal dress wear for occasions for prestige race meetings.

Frank Lyman – 171296

Frank Lyman – 78200

What is the Chester Races Dress Code?

For gentlemen, they will be required to wear a suit jacket, collar and tie. Footwear must be smart and not look like trainers or pumps.

For women, whilst you can dress suitable for the weather, Chester race meetings request for women to wear a dress that is appropriate for dining and for the occasion. Hats are not compulsory, but are now frequently seen at race meetings in Chester.In the open stand, a dress code is not given, however, should you want to enquire about the appropriation of a dress code for your type of ticket purchased contact Chester Races at Please note, trainers and denim are not prohibited.

Why is their a dress code at Chester race meetings?
The Racecourse reserves the right to prohibit racegoers who are incorrectly dressed from entering designated areas at any race meeting.

Preparing your day
For women, the key to experiencing the Chester Races will depend on what your interests are, some women have no interest in racing at all, however, if you enjoy the adrenaline and the history that goes along with horse racing at Chester races is something you are wanting to relish the experience of whether its a one off occasion or as a frequent horse goer.

What do I need to take with me to the races?
Your handbag is a key essential piece to not only to your outfit but keeping everything with you at all times. Your handbag should be big enough to hold an A5 racecard and tickets, depending on what type of ticket you purchase, it should be promptly displayed so it can be readily seen by race officials.

There is lots to see at Chester racecourse and with racing taking part all day, a good deal of walking will be involved. Its amazing just how many furlongs you will cover. An outfit wouldn’t be the same without stunning heel and platforms which can unfortunately cause some women to suffer from sore feet. Women… there is good news, give your feet a break and wear some show stopping cinderella pumps or a sparkly pair of sandals. If you really can’t resist wearing some stilettos that might cause you grief after a long day, why not slip a pair of flat shoes in your handbag and have the best of both worlds.

Chester now have their own ChesterBET app for iphones and Android so you won’t have to move out of your seat. This is one of a kind and by downloading this app, means you will have all the betting odds and wins at the tip of your fingers, keeping you entertained in between intervals. Chester Races also have a handy jargon buster, which will get you up to scratch with all the horse racing commentary and muse throughout the day.

All betting starts at £5 and keeping your tickets safe is essential so look after your winning tickets.



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