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The weather’s getting nippier and the days are getting shorter – yep, there’s no doubt that party season is here at last! For most of us, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Every other night, there’s some event, party or social gathering that we need to attend. Unfortunately, as these events are often so close together, we can’t get away with wearing the same dress or outfit night after night. On the bright side, it’s an excuse to treat yourself to new designer dresses for party season!

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we can provide a complete range of designer outfits for all kinds of events. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, figure-hugging designer dress or a complete outfit that balances comfort with style, we are here for you. We are proud to offer unique dresses from a wide range of designers, including Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman. We can help you to create a unique outfit that is guaranteed to make a splash at your next office, birthday or Christmas party or even the New Year’s Celebration!

What Makes a Stunning Christmas / Party Season Outfit?

It’s a question older than any of us – what do I wear? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple question to answer. As you know, there are thousands of different things that you need to consider; what’s the weather going to be like? How formal will the event be? When did I last wear my favourite dress? Am I going to be dancing? Do I want something figure-hugging, or should I dress purely for comfort?

You also need to make sure you’re dressing for your body shape. Fortunately, the stunning designer dresses from Lady Designer Wear are designed to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Our incredible designer outfits are perfect for almost any event you’re likely to attend in this Christmas party season.

The Perfect Designer Outfit

The core of your Christmas / party season outfit should be your designer dresses. You can’t rely on the same dress for every single party. It used to be that, if you were moving in different social circles, you could get away with wearing the same dress to a few different events. Now, with pictures from most events appearing on Facebook, you don’t want to be caught wearing the same outfit to multiple parties and social events.

Being caught wearing the exact same outfit more than once or twice in one party season can be absolutely mortifying. As such, you need to make sure that you have a few different designer dresses to choose from. It can also be a great idea to have at least one outfit that isn’t based on a designer dress. For example, a stylish Joseph Ribkoff jumpsuit can show that you look stunning in a variety of different outfits.

It can also be a great idea to wear a modern, stylish designer top with a pair of comfortable and stylish trousers. Here at Lady Designer Wear, we love Ficelle Trousers – particularly the winter collection which is made of thicker, warmer material without compromising the clean, stylish line of the trousers themselves.

Eye-Catching Accessories to Complete Your Outfit

Of course, no Christmas party season outfit is complete without stunning accessories. Some styles lend themselves to keeping it simple – however, you’re still going to need stylish clutch bags and eye-catching (but comfortable) shoes. Here at Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to offer a complete range of Lunar Shoes, a unique designer label that creates a full range of stunning accessories.

Comfortable designer shoes, such as stylish Fay Wedges, in addition to matching bags, can be the perfect addition to your designer outfit. Worn with simple or subtle jewellery, you’ll be able to create an eye-catching and comfortable outfit for any party season event.

Lady Designer Wear’s Favourite Christmas / Party Season Products 2018

So, party season’s coming up and you’re stuck on what to wear? Not to worry. Here at Lady Designer Wear, we have a range of stunning outfits which you can use to really make an impact at any up and coming event. Here are some of our favourite designer dresses, outfits and accessories to help you make up your mind.

Frank Lyman

One of our favourite designers, Frank Lyman dresses are always extremely popular thanks to their comfort and unbeatable style. Lady Designer Wear are proud to stock Frank Lyman’s Autumn/Winter Collection for 2018. Whether you’re looking for something cutting-edge, a little more traditional or a truly unique designer dress, we are here for you. Some of our favourite Frank Lyman dresses and outfits for the 2018 Christmas / party season include:

frank lyman cocktail dress for parties

Frank Lyman Cocktail Dress – 189328

This stunning Frank Lyman cocktail dress is perfect for any party season event or social gathering. Decorated with stunning lack, this designer cocktail dress is long enough for comfort and short enough to allow for easy movement. Whether you’re looking to cut a rug on the dancefloor, or simply relax with a glass of wine and a few friends, this Frank Lyman cocktail dress is a great option.

frank lyman maxi dress

Frank Lyman Maxi Dress – 183157

This stunning Frank Lyman maxi dress is perfect if you want to look elegant and refined without sacrificing your comfort. Frank Lyman’s maxi dress – 183157 – has short sleeves and an off-the-shoulder neckline. It also has wide straps to completely cover bra straps. The stunning red/black Frank Lyman pattern is unique and designed to make you look slim and elegant. Available in a wide range of sizes, this dress is perfect for any formal event or social gathering this party season.

frank lyman cover up

Frank Lyman Cover Up – 183579

It might not be a dress, but this cover up is still one of our favourite Frank Lyman designs for Autumn/Winter 2018. Simplistic in design, this comfortable cover up is the perfect companion to almost any dress. Its bold, striped pattern in white, black and grey is simple enough to complement most dresses. This Frank Lyman cover-up is warm and comfortable enough to keep the Winter chill off your shoulders, and stylish to be worn with almost any outfit.

Joseph Ribkoff

As always, we are extremely proud to offer the latest Joseph Ribkoff outfits and styles to suit our customer’s tastes. Ribkoff designer dresses and tops are designed with comfort and style in mind. If you want to make an impact this Christmas party season, Joseph Ribkoff dresses are perfect for you.

joseph ribkoff jacket

Joseph Ribkoff Jacket – 183595

Joseph Ribkoff’s jacket – 183595 – is a bold, comfortable design which can act as a feature piece in and of itself! With a stand-up collar and three-quarter length sleeves, this modern Joseph Ribkoff jacket works best with simple outfits. This Joseph Ribkoff jacket also comes with convenient pockets, so you don’t need to carry a purse. The bold colouring and unique cut of the jacket is guaranteed to draw the eye.

joseph ribkoff dress

Joseph Ribkoff Dress – 184686

This figure-hugging designer dress is perfect for any Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Stylish and comfortable, this Joseph Ribkoff dress features a striking lace design in black and taupe. Paired with a simple, comfortable throw or cover-up, this dress is detailed enough to be an outfit on its own. Please be aware that this dress is a tight fit, so it may be beneficial to choose a size larger for your comfort.

Ficelle Trousers

Anyone who’s shopped with us before will know just how much we love Ficelle trousers. These trousers are simple in design, but always cut a great line and fit comfortably with any top. Normally, Ficelle Trousers are thin enough to allow for comfort in the summer months or in hot offices. However, Ficelle has released a Winter alternative. Although the design remains the same, it uses thicker fabric to create a warmer and more comfortable fit throughout the 2018 Christmas party season. Our two favourite thicker Ficelle Trousers for Winter are the Black and Navy designs.

Just White by SE

Just White by SE is another of our favourite designers. The 2018 collection is absolutely stunning and is ideal for any social event this party season. If you’re looking for occasion wear rather than evening wear, or you want to look stunning after a long day at work, then Just White by SE is perfect.

joseph ribkoff dress

Just White Jacket – 49695

We just had to mention the stunning Just White by SE Jacket – 49695. This blush/grey jacket has full-length sleeves and a stand-up collar to keep you warm in the bitter Winter winds. It is the perfect blend of simplicity and clear design that you want from a Winter/Autumn jacket. Wear with a simple pair of jeans or Ficelle Trousers, and you’re left with a stunning outfit that is guaranteed to draw attention.

Lunar Shoes

Lunar Shoes are perhaps most well known due to their wide range of sandals. You’re probably going to want to avoid sandals this Christmas party season – unless you want your toes to freeze. However, Lunar Shoes have far more to offer to complement your favourite outfits. Make sure you choose a colour and style that matches the rest of your outfit.

lunar fay wedge sandals

Lunar Shoes Fay Wedges – Navy – FLC 122

These Fay wedges are dark enough to complement any outfit you might choose to wear this party season. The detailing and filigree of the wedges is not only incredibly stylish, it also means they’re likely to be warmer and more comfortable than designer sandals. .

To Find Perfect Designer Dresses and Outfits This Christmas Party Season, Shop with Lady Designer Wear Today

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to offer a complete range of designer dresses and outfits to suit your needs this party season. Whether you’re looking for a figure-hugging evening dress, or simple jackets for days out with friends, we are here for you. We stock some of the best designer dresses in the world, including Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff.

Based in the Royal Arcade, Wigan Town Centre, Lady Designer Wear is happy to help you find the perfect outfit for your next social event. Whether you’re looking for designer dresses or stunning accessories, get in touch with our team today. You can call us directly on 01942 820600. If you prefer, you can use our simple online contact form, or pop in to see us in person!

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