If you’re anything like us, one of the ways you get through the cold, dark Winter months is picturing yourself relaxing on the deck of a cruise ship. The hot sun and the smell of saltwater all around you, and a gentle, refreshing breeze bringing a delightful chill. With that in mind, we’re extremely proud to announce the arrival of the new Joseph Ribkoff 2019 Spring & Cruise Collection to Lady Designer Wear! Designed with the same attention to detail and focus on comfort as their other cruise wear ranges, this stunning range is available right now.

Whether you’ve only just booked your cruise for 2019, or you’re setting sail for warmer climes this Winter, you don’t have any time to waste. Joseph Ribkoff’s cruise wear collections tend to move quickly, so don’t hesitate to get in touch today! These comfortable, figure-hugging dresses and elegant tunics are ideal for cruises and holidays in the sun of all kinds. If you’re looking for perfect designer accessories for cruises, Joseph Ribkoff has designed the perfect accoutrements for you.

What Makes Joseph Ribkoff 2019 Cruise Collection Right for Me?

If you’re setting sail somewhere sunny, finding the perfect outfit is essential. If you’re left with uncomfortable, or unsuitable, cruise wear, it can ruin your entire experience. Not only do you need to feel comfortable, you also need to look incredible. The way you look, and feel, will have a huge impact on your confidence and your enjoyment.

What sets Joseph Ribkoff designs apart from other collections is their focus on both comfort and style. Many designers with less pedigree find it difficult to create styles which deliver everything you need. That has never been a problem for the Canadian designer who has worked to deliver incredible styles for his cruise collection for many years.

Take a Look at Joseph Ribkoff’s 2019 Cruise Wear Collection

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and elegant to wear at the cruise’s formal evening meal, or something a little more colourful to wear during the day, we are here to help. At Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to offer a stunning range of Joseph Ribkoff’s 2019 Cruise Collection to suit your needs.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful Dresses for Cruises

As part of their 2019 collection, the Joseph Ribkoff brand has created several stunning and comfortable dresses. They’ve continued with a focus on stunning designs and unique bold patterns which are guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. Just some of the stunning Joseph Ribkoff dresses for cruises that we can provide include:

Joseph Ribkoff 191733 Dress

Joseph Ribkoff 191733Joseph Ribkoff’s 191733 Dress is a staple of their new collection. Breath-taking black and white designs are enhanced with bold and colourful flowers. This shift dress is figure-hugging, and the strategic position of these bold flowers attracts attention to the right places. These dresses are also enhanced with delicate and stunning black mesh work to prevent hard, unpleasant lines.

This bold and stunning dress is ideal for any kind of cruise and is perfect for comfortable daywear and elegant evening wear.

Joseph Ribkoff 191700 Dress

joseph ribkoff 191700 dressThe 191700 sleeveless dress is another example of bold colours contrasting with a relatively simple design. This sleeveless dress is extremely comfortable and helps you to make the most of your figure. Featuring a distinct keyhole neckline, this dress blends a simple black chest piece with a bold zebra-print skirt. In typical Ribkoff fashion, the colourful tropical print returns to create a stunning vertical line across the front and back.

In addition to making the dress stand out, this tropical print also works to make the wearer look taller and slimmer. This comfortable dress is another example of stunning dress design which can be used for both day and night wear.

Joseph Ribkoff 191662 Dress

joseph ribkoff 191662 dressUnlike most Ribkoff dresses, the 191662 dress is absent of the trademark tropical flowers. However, this stunning multi-print dress is still a bold and beautiful piece of cruise wear. In addition to the multiple-print design, the 191662 dress also features small gold discs. These gold discs ensure that the designer dress is enhanced with a subtle shimmer, which looks incredible in the hot sun of a cruise’s top deck.

The 191662 designer dress also takes full advantage of the popular “cold-shoulder” look. If you want to stay comfortable even in the warmest of temperatures, this designer dress is perfect for you.

Dark, Elegant Dresses for Cruise Evening Wear

If you want to make sure that you look elegant during your cruise’s evening meals and formal events, darker dresses are always a great choice. Despite Ribkoff’s focus on colour, they have also created sleek, dark dresses for more formal events.

Joseph Ribkoff 191200 Dress

joseph ribkoff 191200 dressThis midnight blue dress is a perfect piece for any formal event requiring evening wear. A striking, cross-over style pull-on dress, this designer cruise wear is guaranteed to help you to look and feel your best. With ¾ length chiffon sleeves, the 191200 has a unique, semi-vintage design. Whether you want to look and feel amazing for a formal dinner or for a night out in a foreign city, this midnight blue dress is a perfect choice.

Joseph Ribkoff 191828 Dress

joseph ribkoff 191828 dressDespite its predominantly black design, this sleeveless dress still brings in Ribkoff’s unique colours and designs. Enhanced with bold white polka-dots, this dark dress becomes less muted and more vibrant. Then Ribkoff brings his own unique style in, with bold and colourful pink bands across the natural waist. This bold, eye-catching pink design continues with several frills running down one side of the designer cruise wear.


Joseph Ribkoff’s 2019 Cruise Collection Tunics

As part of their 2019 cruise wear collection, Ribkoff has created bold and eye-catching tunics in addition to more subtle alternatives. These tunics are designed to flatter your figure and ensure that you are completely comfortable in all kinds of temperatures. Whether you’re looking for a bold, colourful designs or something darker and more elegant, Ribkoff has the perfect tunics for you.

If you want something colourful to wear during the day, then Joseph Ribkoff’s 191642 tunic is the perfect choice. For something a little more elegant and contrasting for evening wear, Ribkoff’s 191309 tunic is the perfect piece of cruise wear.

Joseph Ribkoff 191965 Tote Bags Cruise Collection

joseph ribkoff 191965 bagIn addition to stunning dresses, Ribkoff has also created a practical and breath-taking tote bag. Whatever essentials you need to carry around with you, this tote bag is stylish and practically-sized. With a hard-wearing silver tassel, this tote bag is ideal for all kinds of cruises.


For Joseph Ribkoff’s 2019 Cruise Wear Collection, Shop With Lady Designer Wear Today

Lady Designer Wear can provide a complete range of designer dresses, outfits and accessories for all kinds of cruises. For a stunning cruise collection to stay comfortable and stylish throughout your cruise, shop with Lady Designer Wear today.

Based in Wigan Town Centre, the Royal Arcade, we can help you to find the perfect Joseph Ribkoff outfit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for designer dresses or other cruise wear, get in touch today. You can call our friendly team today on 01942 820600. If you prefer, you can use our simple online contact form, or just come and visit us in person.

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