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Summer’s finally here! While that’s great news for the weekends and those lazy evenings in the garden, it can be a nightmare if you’re stuck in an office all day. The kind of clothes you want to be wearing are definitely not appropriate for most workplaces. As such, finding the perfect balance between comfort, style and professionalism can be incredible difficult.

Fortunately, there are designers out there who understand the problems that modern women are forced to deal with in the workplace. Designer brands like Joseph Ribkoff and Ficelle have created stunning pieces of clothing which can perfectly balance the need for comfort and style. Whether you need to impress at your next big meeting, or simply get through the day without melting, the perfect outfit is out there.

Essential Summer Fashion for the Workplace

When you’re planning out the perfect summer fashion for the office, it’s important to think ahead. Turning up in a full suit is likely to leave you a sweating mess. However, a simple sundress is likely to earn more than a few judgemental looks. If your workplace is relaxed about your outfit, then you may be able to get away with something that might be better suited to a beer garden. If you’re working in a corporate environment, you won’t be able to avoid the (often fairly stringent) dress code.

There are three things you need to consider when plotting out your summer workplace fashion, including:


  • Comfort – Over-dressing for the heat can prevent you from getting work done. Even worse, it can make you extremely uncomfortable for a good portion of your day.
  • Professionalism – No one wants to be the only one under-dressed. If you aren’t showing off your professional side, then your outfit probably isn’t suitable for the workplace. Unfortunately, that means no sandals, no short dresses and definitely no short-shorts.
  • Style! – If you’ve spent the entire year thinking about how stylish your workplace outfits are, you don’t want to ruin it as soon as the sun comes out. Finding a way to present your own unique style in the workplace can make you more confident, productive and far more comfortable in the office.


Perfect Professional Dresses for Your Office in Summer

When the sun does come out, most of us will instinctively move towards bright, airy summer dresses. However, few of these are appropriate for the workplace. Instead, you need to take advantage of the kinds of elegant, cool and professional dresses you might be saving for special occasions. Joseph Ribkoff designs are perfect for your professional outfits. It is always better to choose pastel or more muted colours. Bright dresses, with bold colours, can be a little too distracting the office. (They are also more likely to show sweat stains).

If you do want to go bright in the office this summer, then the Joseph Ribkoff 181884 Dress is the perfect choice for you. This form-hugging shift dress is perfect for the warm weather and stifling atmosphere. It will not only keep you cool, but thanks to the intelligent design it will also hide sweat stains throughout the day.

If you’re looking for something to really make an impact in the workplace, you can’t go wrong with any kind of Joseph Ribkoff dress. Another stunning design for the power woman in the office is the Joseph Ribkoff 153894v Dress. Designed in stunning blue, this is a workplace essential which is not only comfortable, but stylish and formal enough to stand out in just the right way.

Crop and Full-Length Ficelle Trousers for Comfort and Style

Ficelle trousers are the perfect choice for any kind of office space in Summer. Available in a wide range of colours, from pastels to darker shades (and even bold colours for the brave amongst you) Ficelle trousers are an essential component of almost any outfit. They are available in both cropped and full-length designs, depending on your needs.

Cropped Ficelle trousers are slim and figure-hugging, but end above the ankles. They are the embodiment of workplace chic, allowing style and comfort to blend together seamlessly. When paired with delicate, professional footwear, Ficelle cropped trousers can keep you cool throughout the day. Even full-length Ficelle trousers are a practical choice for modern workplaces. The material is thin enough to prevent you from overheating and can be worn with all kinds of blouses, shirts and tops.

Formal Shirts, Blouses and Tops for Your Office in Summer

It can be difficult to find blouses and shirts which are not only stylish, but comfortable. For the best results in summer, you shouldn’t be afraid of simple colours, such as white. A patterned, slim-line shirt, such as Just White 48711 Blouse/Shirt is the perfect top for darker trousers. You can leave the top few buttons undone to let yourself breathe and roll your sleeves up to enjoy what cool air you can find.

If you’re looking for something a little more distinctive, the Just White 49021 Blouse is the perfect choice. The thin material allows you to breathe, but the unique design can help to create a professional, summer-look. Thanks to the design, this blouse will also help you to hide any small sweat stains you might suffer from after a hard-day at work.

Create the Perfect Summer Outfit for Your Workplace Today

Finding the perfect outfit for your workplace in Summer can be a real problem for women across the UK. Hot offices can be the bane of your working life, even if you look forward to the same weather all year round. The perfect outfit can help you to feel more confident, comfortable and productive in the workplace.

So, whether you’re looking for something truly stunning for that next big meeting, or something to balance comfort and professionalism, shop Ficelle, Joseph Ribkoff and Just White today.

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