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Getting your look right on your 2018 cruise holiday can be difficult. Your choice of cruise wear needs to balance comfort, convenience and style. This is especially true if you’re embarking on the open seas in 2018! Finding the right cruise wear can really change how you experience and enjoy your stunning holiday.

What to Wear on a Cruise in 2018?

Here at Lady Designer Wear, it’s our job to make sure you can find the perfect clothing to suit your needs. Thanks to our diverse range of cruise-friendly clothing, you’ll be able to make a real splash with your onboard fashion. All the clothes that we can offer are designed to suit your body shape. That means you’ll be able to show off your curves elegantly and without showing too much skin.

To help you find the perfect cruise wear, we’ve put together a list of our top ten articles of clothing. Each of these stunning items is certain to make you stand out on your cruise ship, whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying an elegant meal in the evening.

Ten Essential Pieces of Cruise Wear for Spring/Summer 2018

Finding the perfect pieces of cruise wear for your holiday in Spring or Summer, 2018, is extremely important. Cruises are extremely stylish places where you need to blend personal comfort with breath-taking style. Whether you’re taking a cruise around Europe or sailing over to America to take in the sights, you need to be prepared for any situation that arises.

Joseph Ribkoff’s Stunning 181620 Top

As one of the most prolific and influential designers in the world, Joseph Ribkoff’s unique designs are ideal for all kinds of occasions. The incredible 181620 top is perfect for comfort wear and can easily be pair with dark trousers for a more formal look.

This predominantly white top is light, feminine and extremely comfortable. Its short sleeves feature ruffle detailing, and the trailing edges create a unique, mysterious look. The camisole underlay is comfortable and convenient. Thanks to the floral detailing, is the perfect way to add a splash of colour to any ensemble.

Joseph Ribkoff’s Range of Jeans

In addition to stunning tops, Joseph Ribkoff has also designed a range of comfortable, figure-hugging jeans. Jeans are an extremely versatile piece of clothing but finding a pair which are both comfortable and stylish can be time consuming – but not at Lady Designer Wear!.

Denim Blue 181961 Jeans

Joseph Ribkoff’s 181961 jeans are denim blue, with a unique washed style. These jeans are easy to pull on and extremely comfortable to wear daily. They have been uniquely designed to flatter and sculpt your figure, thanks to hidden support panels. If you’re looking for comfort and convenience in a pair of jeans, then Ribkoff’s 181961 jeans are the perfect choice

Off-White 181959 Jeans

These beautiful cropped jeans are perfect for all kinds of outfits. They feature unique embroidered detail around the hemline. Off-white 181959 jeans are ideal for the warm weather of a cruise or any tropical getaway. These off-white 181959 jeans are a great way of keeping your entire outfit light and comfortable.

Ficelle Crop Trousers

Ficelle crop trousers are a stunning and comfortable design which are just perfect for cruise wear. Designed in Paris, these crop trousers are a staple of any wardrobe in 2018. They are long enough to be warm in the face of cool sea breezes. However, they’re short enough to provide a comfortable fit in the hottest weather. Ficelle crop trouser are perfect for cruise wear, whether you’re walking around the ship or touring the stunning cities you’ll visit.

Ficelle crop trousers are available in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your unique style and body shape. Whether you’re looking for bright, sunny pinks or simple black trousers, we can provide the perfect clothes to suit your needs.

Frank Lyman’s 181313 Tunic Top

Loose-fitting floral tops are in for this year’s cruise wear. Frank Lyman’s 181313 tunic top is a comfortable, convenient and stunning top with a unique floral print. The bold, striking design of Lyman’s 181313 tunic top is eye-catching from the front. From behind, the design is a little more muted, preventing your ensemble from becoming too loud.

Lyman’s 181313 tunic top is a versatile article of clothing. It can serve as a comfortable tunic top during the day or paired with something a little more formal to create a modern and stylish aesthetic.

Frank Lyman’s Stunning Range of Cruise Wear Dresses

Frank Lyman’s dresses are truly unique designs. Each piece is different from anything else available. If you want to make a real splash at a formal meal on board the cruise, then a Frank Lyman dress is perfect for you. These designs are for stunning and audacious women who want to accentuate their form and make the most of their unique style.

Frank Lyman’s 188256 Long Dress

This black and white dress combines simplicity with boldness. This full-length dress comes equipped with a unique cold shoulder look to make a real impact at any formal event. The black stretch jersey of Lyman’s 188256 long dress leads down into a full skirt of accordion pleats. The full skirt of this design features a bold black and white floral print to create a stunning overall look.

Whether you’re going to a formal cruise dinner or dining out in a city you’re visiting, you need to find comfortable and stylish cruise wear. Lyman’s 188256 long dress is form-fitting and truly breath-taking to behold.

Frank Lyman’s 48001 Black Dress

There are few looks more classic than the little black dress. Frank Lyman’s 48001 black dress is a staple of any discerning woman’s wardrobe. The asymmetric neckline and wide shoulder straps help it to flatter the contours of your body. One strap comes equipped with sparkling diamantes to brighten up your outfit and deliver the perfect style.

Lyman’s 48001 black dress is a classic design which is perfect for any occasion. The design is truly timeless and is perfect for cruise wear and land wear.

Just White’s 48711 Blouse/Shirt

If you’re looking for something to complement a stunning pantsuit for formal evenings, then Just White’s 48711 blouse/shirt is perfect. The piece is entirely white, making it perfect for use with bold, darker suits or even muted lighter styles. The 48711 blouse/shirt features incredible ruffle panels and contrasting lace panelling. When combined with the embellished buttons, the 48711 blouse/shirt is perfect for smart and casual occasions. It is a completely versatile piece of clothing which is far from boring.

Lunar Shoes and Accessories

It would be remiss of us to list some of our favourite pieces of cruise wear without talking about accessories. The finishing touch to any cruise wear outfit, finding the perfect shoes and accessories is essential.

Our favourite combination for cruise wear in 2018 is the classic 081 pairing. Lunar’s FLR 081 Sabrina Blue are eye-catching heels which are ideal for lighter and darker outfits. Lunar’s FLR 081 Sabrina Blue shoes are satin, peep-toe heels decorated with an elegant floral accent.

Lunar Shoes’ latest range of summer sandals are perfect for wearing during the daytime, whether you’re lounging on the ship or exploring the various ports. Lunar JLH 601 Charlotte Sandals are a fine example of combining comfort with style with the floral corsage trim flattering any fresh outfit you choose to wear.

Find the Perfect Cruise Wear with Lady Designer Wear

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we can help you to find the perfect cruise wear outfit to suit your style. If you’re looking for comfort and style at great prices, then Lady Designer Wear is here for you. For more information on our cruise wear, including available sizes and stock information, get in touch with Janet or Lisa at Lady Designer Wear today.

You can reach our us directly by visiting our shop in the Royal Arcade, Mesnes Street, Wigan. You can also call us directly on 01942 820600. Alternatively, contact us via our quick enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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