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Now that Summer’s just around the corner, it’s never been a better time to get ready for warm, relaxing weekends. The Weekend Collection, by the world-famous Canadian designer Frank Lyman, is the perfect balance of comfort, style and practicality. These casual clothes are ideal weekend wear, particularly if you’re looking for comfortable and elegant outfits.

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to offer a diverse range of Frank Lyman clothing, including the Weekend Collection. This range of sporty leggings, jackets and comfortable tops are perfect to create a stunning and practical Spring/Summer design.

The Weekend Collection by Frank Lyman

Frank Lyman’s unique Weekend Collection has been designed with modern women in mind. Lyman’s latest collection is ideal for the woman looking for a relaxed and casual look, without losing any style or quality. This breathtaking range of clothing is comfortable and form-fitting, making it ideal for those Spring/Summer weekends.

The Weekend Collection is characterised by bold colours, clean lines and vintage floral designs. This makes it perfect for all kinds of casual events. Whether you’re looking for a complete sporty outfit or casual and comfortable clothing for all kinds of wear, get in touch with Lady Designer Wear.

Complete Casual and Sporty Outfits by Frank Lyman

If you’re looking for a bold, stunning and practical sporty outfit for jogging, walking or any other activity, then Lyman’s designs have you covered. The combination of Lyman’s bold pink 182004 Top and the floral designs of 182210 Sport Leggings creates a stunning outfit to suit your style. To complete the look, add the 182132 High-Collar Zip-Front Sport Jacket.

These three pieces of clothing are stunning on their own, but when worn together they create a practical, comfortable and stunning outfit. It’s no wonder that Frank Lyman has become the go-to brand for modern women looking to combine practicality with comfort and breath-taking style.

Practical and Stunning Tops for You

Whether you’re looking for a eye-catching outfit to suit your next casual event, or a comfortable top to go shopping in, Lady Designer Wear is here for you. We can provide unique and chic tops which are ideal for day-time wear. One of our favourite designs from the Weekend Collection is certainly the 182161 Top. Designed with a comfortable and practical hood to keep you sun and the wind of your neck, this top is perfect for summer wear.

For something a little bolder, there’s the 182211 Floral Print Cut-Out Top, which is perfect for casual and sportswear. The colourful floral print, contrasting with the dark material beneath, can add a splash of colour to any outfit. Sleeveless and form-fitting, this cut-out top is comfortable, form-fitting and a great go-to garment for the Summer.

Form-Fitting Sports Jackets by Frank Lyman

If you want to banish the darker colours of Winter and Autumn, then a comfortable, form-fitting sports jacket could be perfect. The 182140 High-Collar Zip Ruched Jacket is Blush Pink in colour and contrasts with a black trim to create a bold, eye-catching design for Spring/Summer wear. With three-quarter sleeves and minor detailing, this is a simple, stunning and eye-catching design.

Find the Perfect Spring/Summer Wear with Frank Lyman and Lady Designer Wear

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of Frank Lyman wear, including the brand-new Weekend Collection. If you’re looking for designer clothing that blends comfort with style, shop with Lady’s of Wigan today.

Based in Wigan, we can provide designer wear in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. For more information, give us a call on 01942 820600. You can also use our quick enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If you prefer, you can come in and visit us today in the Royal Arcade, Mesnes Street, Wigan Town Centre.

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