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Joseph Ribkoff - What to Wear at Ascot British Champions Day

If you’re attending Ascot’s British Champions Day in 2018, it’s extremely important that you know what to wear. This is one of the highlights of the British horse racing scene every year. The leading horses, jockeys, trainers and owners from across Europe (and even further afield) will arrive at Ascot for the end to 2018’s Flat Season. It’s important that you’re dressed to impress in the latest designer wear, such as Joseph Ribkoff, and that you know where to go and when to get there.

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we’re proud to provide a variety of stunning designer outfits this years’ QIPCO event. No matter your age, body shape or tastes in clothing, we can provide unique outfits to help you look your very best on the big day. No matter which enclosure you’re in, we can provide you with a comfortable, well-fitting and stunning outfit.

QIPCO British Champions Day 2018 at Ascot

Where is the British Champions Day 2018?

QIPCO’s British Champions Day is held every year at Ascot Racecourse. 2018 marks the 8th British Champions Day. This year’s prize-money across the six-race card is a record £4.35 million.

When is 2018’s British Champions Day?

Ascot’s British Champions Day is going to be held on Saturday 20th October 2018. This is the 8th British Champions Day and thousands of horse racing fans are expected to arrive. Whether you’re arriving by car, coach or even Helicopter, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

The gates will open at 10:30 am and the first place will start at around 1:25pm. The last race of the day will take place at 4:30pm.

What are the Enclosures at QIPCO’s BCD Event at Ascot?

There are three enclosures open at Ascot Racecourse for the BCD event. These are:

  • King Edward VII Enclosure – This is the premier public admission enclosure at Ascot.
  • The Winning Post Enclosure – Located on the West End of the Grandstand, the Winning Post Enclosure allows racegoers a close look at the winning post of each race.
  • Queen Anne Enclosure – The Queen Anne Enclosure allows you to watch the race in comfort and style from the Pre-Parade Ring, Parade Ring and Unsaddling. This enclosure also includes the covered terrace of the Grandstand.

What’s on At British Champions Day?

QIPCO BCD Event isn’t just horse racing. There’s always plenty to see and do at a BCD event. In 2018, there are several different events on, including:

  • Five Championships – Five championship races will take place throughout the day. These races are the perfect end to 2018’s Flat season of horse racing.
  • Opening Ceremony – The opening ceremony of the BCD will include representation from series race winners throughout 2018. It will also include performances and appearances for British sporting champions.
  • Champion Jockey – The winner of the Stobart Champion Flat Jockey Championship will be crowned in the Parade Ring.
  • After Racing Party – No great BCD Event is complete without and incredible After Party. Jax Jones and Ella Fyre will help to round the day off with an incredible live performance after the racing has finished.

What to Wear at Ascot Racecourse for British Champions Day 2018?

Finding the perfect outfit to wear for Ascot’s British Champions Day in 2018 is extremely important. While for certain areas of the event there is no formal dress code, both the King Edward VII and Winning Post enclosures do require formal dress. Even if you aren’t planning on entering the KEVII or the WP enclosures, Ascot still encourages racegoers to wear smart clothing. In fact, Ascot Racecourse can refuse anyone entry who doesn’t meet their standards of dress code.

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we can provide a complete range of stunning designer wear. You need to make sure that you’re wearing the right clothes if you want to be able to access any area of the event. We’ve provided racecourse wear for ladies of all ages for many years. Failing to wear the right clothing can be incredibly embarrassing. Fortunately, we can provide stunning designer dresses and outfits for women of all ages and builds.

Joseph Ribkoff Dresses and Outfits for Ascot British Champions Day

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we are proud to offer a wide range of lady’s dresses and designer outfit for horse racing events. When you’re planning to attend an event like British Champions Day, you need to dress for both style and comfort. It is important that you look smart and formally-dressed but wearing an uncomfortable outfit can ruin your entire day. That’s why we recommend designer wear from the likes of Joseph Ribkoff. This brand specialises in combining style and comfort like no other.


Joseph Ribkoff Formal Dresses for the Races

joseph ribkoff 184516 dress

Joseph Ribkoff 184516 Dress
This Joseph Ribkoff dress is a comfortable, slimming design which allows you to show off your curves without feeling self-conscious. The contrast of the dark body of the dress and the stunning Gold/Champagne detailed overlay is guaranteed to make you stand out in whatever enclosure you’re attending. This sleeveless dress is best worn with a cardigan, jacket or lightweight coat which will compliment the bold colour of the dress.

Joseph Ribkoff 183751 Dress

Joseph Ribkoff 183751 Dress
This Joseph Ribkoff dress is a bold, colourful design which is ideal for any sunny day. Bold colours combined with a stunning floral design can help to bring out your natural beauty. Thanks to its generous design, this floral dress is also extremely comfortable while still appearing figure-hugging. Bold enough to wear on its own, you can also pair this dress with a stunning cardigan or jacket to protect you from the risk of inclement weather.

joseph ribkoff 181884 dress

Joseph Ribkoff 181884 Dress

One of our favourite Joseph Ribkoff dresses, this design is stunning and bold. The contrast of the rose-pink panels and the simple black framing make it perfect for formal events like Ascot’s BCD. If you want to look stunning and stay comfortable, this rose-pink and black dress is perfect.

Joseph Ribkoff Coats and Jackets

In addition to stunning, comfortable and stylish dresses, you’re going to need a warm and comfortable jacket or cost. Although we hope the sun’s going to come out, it is always best to be prepared. Sometimes, a simple blazer can be enough to keep the chill off your shoulders. In these cases, Joseph Ribkoff Jackets like 143148 can be essential. For some dresses, Shadow Sleeves can be essential. They are a great way of keeping your arms covered without having to wear a bulky, unflattering coat over your stunning dress.


For Stunning Joseph Ribkoff Dresses and Outfits for Ascot’s British Champions Day 2018, Choose Lady Designer Wear

Here at Lady Designer Wear, we can provide a complete range of lady’s dresses and formal outfits to suit a day at Ascot Racecourse. Whether you want to stand out from the horse racing crowd, or simply meet the formal dress guidelines for certain enclosures, we’re here for you.

Based in the Royal Arcade, Wigan town centre, we can provide all kinds of designer outfits for your next horse racing event. Whether you’re looking for Joseph Ribkoff dresses or other designers’ outfits, get in touch today. You can call us directly on 01942 820600. If you prefer, you can also use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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