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If you’re fortunate enough to embarking on a stunning cruise in the sun, you should already be planning the outfits you’re going to bring with you. Whether you’re cruising the south of Europe, heading over to the Caribbean or even making the long trip to Australia, looking good and staying comfortable at the same time can be difficult.

Failing to plan ahead and get your hands on the best cruise wear is a sure way to feel uncomfortable on your cruise – especially if you’ve never taken to the sea for a holiday before. Cruise wear and holiday dresses need to be both comfortable and extremely stylish if you want to enjoy your time on-board the ship.

Cruises are environments which require a wide range of different outfits for all kinds of activities. Evening dresses are just as important as swimwear during your stay, so making sure you have a complete wardrobe with you is essential.

Stunning Cruise Wear for Your Holiday

Designer clothing is always a great choice for your cruise wear, especially from well established labels. Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff are always stunning options, thanks to the comfortable fit and elegant design of every single item. This year’s cruise wear fashion is going to focus on fresh floral designs and bold, striking colours to banish any memories of winter, so these designers really are in their element.

Know What is Expected of You

Before you start shopping around for your comfortable holiday outfits, make sure you know exactly what is expected of you. One of the worst feelings in the world is turning up to dinner in a casual dress, only to find that every other diner is dressed in pristine evening gowns. Even if you look stunning, there is still the risk that you could be turned away for not following a strict dress code.

Before you start shopping for your stunning holiday wear and cruise dresses, it is always worth checking out your cruise line dress codes. There’s no point packing a few pairs of really cute jeans if you can only wear them on one day; they’re only going to take up valuable luggage space!

Fashion to Avoid When It Comes to Cruise Wear

You might be on holiday, but there are a few rules when it comes to your attire on your cruise. Some cruise lines are stricter than others, but there are some fashion faux-pas which you really need to avoid. Some of the worst fashion choices on-board cruise ships aren’t always due to bad decision making – sometimes it’s down to not taking the time to understand the fashion etiquette.

Some of the most common, and noticeable, fashion faux-pas on-board cruise liners include:

  • Inappropriate Swimwear – Feeling comfortable and confident in your swimwear is important, but you still don’t want to flash too much skin. String bikinis on their own run the high risk of accidentally flashing everybody in view. Whether you intend to spend the entire holiday sun-bathing on the top deck or you want to splash around in the pool a little, these choices aren’t appropriate on their own. You can get away with string bikinis when you wear them underneath a flattering cover-up, especially if you choose a stylish, light-weight design in the season’s hottest designs.
  • Pyjamas and Bathrobes – You want to feel comfortable on a cruise, but there should still be limits. You can’t treat the entire ship like your own home. Wandering around in pyjamas, dressing gowns or bathrobes is a big no-no. Of all fashion faux-pas, this is one which separates the new cruise-goer from the experienced.

    There might be areas, such as on-ship spas, where these comfortable choices are suitable. That doesn’t mean you need to be wandering around the ship like you’ve just been woken up. Keep your pyjamas and bathrobes in your suite and you’ll enjoy crawling back into them after a hot, exciting day much more than if you’d stayed in them from dawn til’ dusk.
  • Showing Too Much Skin – While not many people will complain if you show off too much skin by the pool (unless you decide to relax in your birthday suit), there is a time and a place. When you dress up for a formal dinner, or you’re heading into a port city to take in the sights, don’t show off too much flesh.

    There’s nothing wrong with showing off your curves, but you need to match feeling confident with comfort and elegance. The best way to do that is to take advantage of the hottest designers. We’re talking about Frank Lyman and Joseph Ribkoff’s stunning designs, but they’re the perfect choice for all kinds of cruise wear.

    Whether you’re looking for something completely comfortable, or a long, elegant evening gown to set you apart from the crowd, they are the designers you should be thinking about.
  • Accessories! – No outfit is complete without accessories – on land, that is. When you’re on a cruise ship, you aren’t going to want to carry too much around with you. In addition, there is the constant risk of sea spray and pool water splashing onto accessories you don’t have on your person at all times.

    Rather than bringing your big, favourite handbag from home, treat yourself to an elegant clutch bag which complements your designer outfit. Lunar Footwear is one of our favourite brands for elegant cruise wear. Whether you’re looking for comfortable and cute slippers, breath-taking heels or cute clutch bags, they are a great choice.



The Hottest Cruise Wear for Your Sailing Adventure

It is essential that you choose cruise wear which isn’t just stylish, but also extremely comfortable and elegant for your summer getaway. Whether you’re setting sail for America, Australia or Southern Europe this year, choosing the right cruise wear is extremely important. Getting caught out with no clean clothes, or suitable clothes for the on-ship events, can really impact the way you enjoy and experience your holiday.

Finding the right kind of designers who understand how to help you feel stunning and confident in your cruise wear is extremely important. Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman are two of the hottest designers to wear this year, and the perfect choice for your getaway.

This year’s hottest fashion trends are going to focus on bright floral patterns, particularly when contrasted with dark, elegant materials. Whether you’re looking for striking and unique patterns to really make an impact when you walk into the on-ship dining room, or something a little simpler to keep you comfortable when walking around the top deck, finding the perfect clothes for you is essential. Whether you’re looking for slim and elegant dresses or comfortable and convenient tops, both Joseph Ribkoff and Frank Lyman are the perfect choice.   

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